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A Beautiful Downtown London Mural

THE ARTS: Monday April 24th 2017

There is an unbelievable mural in the heart of Downtown London. The mural is on a large wall between two buildings where there is a walkway and parking between Dundas Street and King Street. If you are standing right in front of the Mas Cafe [192 Dundas St, London, ON] and looking across the street you literally can’t miss it. It’s so big, colourful and beautiful that I spent some time just looking at it before taking a few pictures.

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Written by Ian Peers

April 25, 2017 at 10:42 am

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The Roads of London ON: Tunnel Vs An Open Road

Today I went to Google to find out more about the Rapid Transit goals of London Ontario and came across I felt like a needed a visual aid to help me understand the larger context of the RT goals and I found it on This timeline is very helpful. My only problem with what I saw was that I wished the transitions were happening more quickly.

In the link the website gives some of the benefits to the RT and I really like the second bullet point: “Reduce congestion on streets- By 2030, 25% more cars will be on London roadways. Rapid Transit can move people more efficiently, comfortably and reliably.”

When I first got back into the City at the beginning of April 2017 I could not believe the volume of traffic. It really is remarkable. RT will change that. It may not be dramatic but if something isn’t done I’m confident our city will evolve into a City with a major problem with vehicle pollution.

Everyone seems to be squeezing through a tunnel and driving at a rapid rate to where they want to go. Let’s replace this tunnel with a more open road.

Written by Ian Peers

April 21, 2017 at 6:21 pm

Thank You Mayor of London!

I recently read in the April 2017 edition of the magazine that London is considering Rapid Transit. The Mayor of London, Matt Brown wrote his entire article on page 6 about the issue.

I come from the Waterloo Region and recently moved back to London. I was born and raised here. When I heard that London is considering Rapid Transit I was very happy.

The ION in KW will transform that city for the better despite the groans that they have experienced and will experience until the project is done. No city changes without groans.

If London is at all serious about this pursuit it will bring us out from the old and into the new in a way that will bring money, resources and people into our city.

It was unclear to me as to what Rapid Transit method is being pursued and what the timeline is but I’m going to Google it and/or call the City to find out. I think it is fantastic.

Written by Ian Peers

April 20, 2017 at 6:17 pm