“What Can I Buy You That Fits In A Box?”


My birthday is coming around the corner and it made me think of a scene from the movie “Shall We Dance” that my wife and I like. In it the character played by Richard Gere is missing something. He appears to have everything. The great paying job, a family and a wonderful house. His birthday is coming, and the character played by Susan Sarandon is trying to figure out what on earth to buy her husband. They end up talking about it before getting ready for bed and she says something like, “What Can I Buy You That Fits In A Box?” Gere has no really good answer. It’s clear that whatever he’s going to get for his birthday is lame because he doesn’t even know what he wants or may be interested in.

The movie goes on to show how the Gere character finds dancing and really enjoys it. This means that a gift can be found that fits in a box. Dance shoes!

I like the movie because in some ways it represents how I felt for a long time in the sense that I really had no way of clearly articulating what I was into or interested in. When my birthdays would come around the corner I would ask myself what I would want a week before and get stuck.


I still struggle with this question and so I sat down and tried to answer it for 2017.

So, “What am I into?” This may seem like an odd question or even a selfish one. That’s okay. To me the question is important because for roughly 20 years I only thought about one (1) dimension in life. My worldview was limited by the faith I once embraced and now that I’m expanding my viewpoint (not necessarily to the exclusion of faith) I see that there are a lot of things that I’m interested in.

I think that another way of saying what I’m saying is that I feel like I was once 1 dimensional and now am experiencing a more 3-dimensional life. With this comes change. With this comes new experiences and new things I want to experience and do.

So, here goes:

When you do a list like this you begin to realize the things you are interested in could keep going and going.

This exercise was awesome. It’s been a long time that I’ve thought about these sorts of things. Now I have a list of things that fit in a box.