When One of Your Favourite Novelists Writes Back!



One of my Favourite Novel Writers tweeted me back!

When a favourite author takes the time to write back in any format (i.e. letter, email or tweet) it is really cool. I know that authors may not see it that way necessarily but when you are a fan you enjoy it when they take the time.

Lawrence Osborne is one of my favourite Novelist. He has written 13 novels and out of those 13 I have read The Forgiven and Hunters In The Dark. Both novels spoke to me in ways that most novels haven’t in the past. Both are haunting, realistic and page turners.

In my early teenager years I used to love literature in general (e.g. Shakespeare, Beowulf, Norton Anthologies, John Milton, George Orwell and the list could go on). It opened me to a world yet unknown.

Then I embraced a kind of faith that set me in a whole new direction in life. I dived deeply into holy literature instead and swam in deeper theological shores (i.e. biblical studies, history, science, anthropology, psychology, languages, etc). The result of that experience has been a loss of faith in the past few years. But with that loss or change of faith my love for literature got reborn.

Shortly after I felt that my faith was crumbling I picked up Macbeth and consumed the play. I watched every movie I could get my hands on. I started branching out and reading other literature and at some point I came across Lawrence Osborne. I had been reading the magazine Men’s Journal and came across this article – http://www.mensjournal.com/adventure/races-sports/lawrence-osborne-the-last-expat-20160202. I picked up The Forgiven and got so woven into the broken lives of the individuals he brings to life that I couldn’t put it down. I then moved on to Hunters In The Dark.

I think that what Osborne’s literature does for me is bring me back to humanity. There wasn’t enough truth in the account of humanity in the faith I once embraced. I think the faith was and is in so much denial about the true nature of humanity that it was refreshing to read a novel that seemed to capture it so well.

I recently saw on Twitter that Lawrence Osborne announced that a new book was coming out. I must have Tweeted sometime on or before September 22th. I wrote about how much I like his writing and he tweeted back saying “Thank you. Should be Summer of 2018.” I later asked if there was a title I could look out for and on September 24th he wrote, “No title until November. . . but I’ll post here when we agree on one!”

I appreciated it. As I said earlier I know that it isn’t necessarily a big deal if an author is on Twitter to Tweet back but to me it made my day.





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