If I do something every day towards a goal it will eventually come to pass. 

Jack Canfield ad Mark Victor Hansen published the first Chicken Soup For The Soul book together. When they first started out it was not easy as Canfield describes on page 217 of his book The Success Principles.”

They got advise from someone they trusted about how to get their book out into the world. He said, “If you would go every day to a very large tree and take five swings at it with a very sharp ax, eventually, no matter how large they’re, it would have to come down.” 

I like that. The imagery is great. 

Canfield and Hansen came up with the Rule of 5 which “simply means that every day, we do five specific things that will move our goal toward completion.” 

Whether it is 5 things, 3 things or just 1 thing it doesn’t matter. If everyday we pick something to do toward our goals we will come all that much closer to getting where we want to go. Also it will make us wiser if we pause and think a little about our daily actions.  After all t is important to sharpen the ax!