I recently read in the April 2017 edition of the london.snapd.com magazine that London is considering Rapid Transit. The Mayor of London, Matt Brown wrote his entire article on page 6 about the issue.

I come from the Waterloo Region and recently moved back to London. I was born and raised here. When I heard that London is considering Rapid Transit I was very happy.

The ION in KW will transform that city for the better despite the groans that they have experienced and will experience until the project is done. No city changes without groans.

If London is at all serious about this pursuit it will bring us out from the old and into the new in a way that will bring money, resources and people into our city.

It was unclear to me as to what Rapid Transit method is being pursued and what the timeline is but I’m going to Google it and/or call the City to find out. I think it is fantastic.