The article that captured my interest the most in Inc’s November 2017 magazine was Every Company Has a Secret Product by Jason Fried on page 90. Here is the quote that stuck out:

“One particular goal we’ve been focused on lately is removing dependencies. Whenever you need something from someone else before you can move forward, it’s a dependency. We believe dependencies slow people down. We want people to be more independent, because that will keep them moving forward.”

I don’t think you can reasonably remove all dependencies but the more dependencies you have the more people’s creativity goes down. I believe the goal is to have a reliance on each other that doesn’t cause a jam up in the pipeline of production and service.

I’ve made choices that caused dependencies and I would wonder why I was so frazzled with to many things to do. In some cases those choices was out of fear that the job would not get done properly. But we have to let people falter and fail. Without this they will never learn.

There was a lot that I liked in November’s magazine.

  • I was appalled at the low amount of Venture Capital women get access to. It’s only 2.7% for female CEO’s in the US. But I love the innovative idea of Vicki Saunders ti address the problem. See (p. 76 “The New Face of Funding by Kimberly Weisul))
  •  I had no idea that the bra has 30 components to think about. As a typical guy I don’t know much about bras. But I have a wife and I’m thankful for the innovative use of app technology that ThirdLove ( is using to scan and provide women with bras that really work. (p. 84 “Busting Out” by Liz Welch)
  • Article:I’ve always have heard about how big the China economy is and how enclosed it is terms of the Internet. This article elaborated on this subject in an interesting way. Dots has tried to break into the gaming market in China and it has been brutal, expensive and thrilling. I will definitely play Dots soon! ( (p. 64 “Cracking China” by Maria Aspan)