Have you ever said something and realized it was an overshare and it was TMI (i.e. Too Much Information) for the other person?

I have. I definitely have.

How does TMI relate to TMA? TMA stands for Too Much Advise.

I recently heard someone say that emotional abuse can happen when someone gives over-advice. Their advice is way to much and given way to strong and with to much regularity. A lot of times it comes unsolicited but not necessarily all the time. Sometimes you can ask a person for advice but they don’t seem to understand that you aren’t relinquishing your brain to their ways.

I have personally been the recipient of this type of advice as well as giving advice this way. I regret every time that I have given someone advice and pushed to hard for them to take my advice without giving them the space for them to process or make decisions on their own. How arrogant is that?

It rarely is about the content of the advice. It is more the way and manner in which it is given. Am I right?

TMI can be a lot like TMA in the sense that it is just too much.