Whenever you ask anyone for anything, remember the following: SWSWSWSW, which stands for “some will, some won’t; so what – someone’s waiting.” Some people are going to say yes, and some are going to say no. So what! Out there somewhere, someone is waiting for you and your ideas. It is simply a numbers game. You have to keep asking until you get a yes. The yes is out there waiting. As my partner Mark Victor Hansen is so fond of saying, “What you want wants you.” You just have to hang in there long enough to eventually get a yes. – Jack Canfield “The Success Principles”

On page 147 of Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” he talks about SWSWSWSW. I found the above quote helpful and encouraging because of the work I do in  business development and sales. But I have found this kind of advice helpful in other areas of my life because we’re all trying to sell something. Everyone is looking for a yes to something!

There is a lot of power in simply asking for what you are looking for. Sometimes people beat around the bush but boldness is usually better. Not rude boldness but genuine boldness.