Quin was having a hard day for some reason. Hard days bring some of the best ideas for me so it hit me “Why Not Do A Taste Test With Raw Spices With Quin?” And yes the question came to me exactly like that with the caps lock on for the beginning of each word.

So we came down stairs and got to work.

I got a plate and Renee has a spice rack the twirls around and we sat at the kitchen table.

I got a cup of water for the both of us just in case. He had several cups between tastings.

We tried 13 raw spices.

Didn’t Like: marjorum, bay leaves, oregano, red chili, paprika, rosemary, sage, corriander and basil

Did Like: onion, parsley, cinnamon, tyme

What We Liked the Most: Onion.

We Didn’t Like the Most: Paprika

I like exposing Quin to new things. Sometimes I forget that his little life hasn’t seen or tasted certain things. It’s fun to watch his reactions.

This is also a great idea to do with any child.