Learning to Live the Dream

I can’t think of how many times I have had a creative idea that I thought could be a business and it got squashed by un-creative thinking. Learning to live the dream you want to live starts with learning how to unleash those ideas and turn them into reality.

In Living The Dream: Putting your creativity to work [and getting paid] Corwin Heibert  (corwinhiebert.com/livingthedream) can help you unleash your creativity. He writes about the dynamics of how to start and run a profitable business built on the capacities of people with creative abilities. The book is fascinating. It is filled with pictures, examples of unique businesses and sidebars that make all the difference.

In one of my favourite sidebars Hiebert talks about how to “Kickstart Your Business Plan.” On page 30 he writes, “Not sure where to start writing a business plan? Then simply write down some comments and ideas under these eight categories:

  • My Dream: What Is, What I Want, and What Will Be (state of the union)
  • My Offering: What I Do Really Well and What Makes Me Unique (guts and glory)
  • My Worries: What I Am Bad At and What Could Get In My Way (doom and gloom)
  • My Work: What I Would Do on a Day-to-Day Basis (define the hard work)
  • My People: Those I Could Collaborate With (mutually beneficial partnerships)
  • My Buzz: How I Would Spread the Word (schemes and strategy)
  • My Monies: How Much I Have, Need, and Want (the dollars and cents)
  • My Plan-ish: Why I Am Excited (one-page snapshot of the highlights).”

This is the most clear starting point for developing a business plan that I have ever read. Two key words. A Plain Explanation. The Details. I love it!

For me I know that “My Worries” would be around the area of operations and covering my legal butt. Stuff like this stops me from creative ideas sometimes and can inhibit my creativity. I’m thankful for this list because it helped me identify where I can go wrong and what to do about it.

Thank you Hiebert for helping me unleash my creativity!