Get in tune with the companies mission statement and passion! It will help.

Weave in their mission statement into your interview in some way. Whether it is in a response to a question they ask or you have an opportunity to speak freely. It will blow the interviewer away because it will show that you have done your research.

Talk about how you can envision yourself carrying out that mission statement. Don’t talk about it in some mystical way. Doing that will turn the interviewer off.

But if you talk intelligently of how you personally can align and picture yourself carrying out an aspect of their mission statement in some concrete way it will really help you in the interview experience.

Will it get you the job?

Yes. No. Maybe.

This is only one tip that can help with the larger dialogue that is happening.

If you use my tip though be authentic. Don’t just make it up. If you find you are making it up to just get the position maybe you’d be better suited somewhere else.

Ask yourself, “Can I picture myself in the vision this company is pursuing?”

Only you can answer that question.