Do you have limited experience but want to rise in your company? Keep reading!

I came into my position at Teletech with limited technical knowledge about computers and the Internet in general. They had a contract to support a large sized company with the Internet service they were providing.

In two years I was promoted to the highest tier of technical support they offered in the call center. If the front level technicians could not solve it with the basic steps the issue would be transferred to this group. Usually they were fairly complicated issues because all the typical things did not fix their problem. We would try a few advanced techniques and if that didn’t resolve the issue we worked with an engineering group to see if there was a network problem.

It was a fun job. Fast paced.

How did someone with virtually no technical skills end up on the highest tier of support they offered?

I devoted myself to learning quickly and I networked with a small handful of people to make sure I would be successful. I was keen and wanted to prove myself to my employers.

I ended up in conference calls with managers and providing input and advice to my immediate supervisors to create a better quality technical response for the whole call center.

I proved to my employer that I was a quick study.

It was better pay. Better hours. Overall it was a much better experience.

Some people talked to me about being a supervisor there. I decided not to but that is for another article.