I remember walking into Tim Hortons in the evening and my manager asked me if I could talk with her for a minute. I don’t recall being nervous at all. She just wanted to talk to me. She told me that they reconciled the till and it came up $40.00 short. I was shocked and immediately knew what was behind the question. She was wondering if I stole it. My immediate and unhesitating response was to deduct it from my next pay cheque. I told her I didn’t take they money but it was more important to me to clear my name. This is all she needed to hear. She believed me and trusted me.

That moment stuck with me.

I think people want that in this world. They just want an honest answer to an honest question.

How the money was removed was uncertain. She had her ideas but I was scratched off her list.

I was just a young adult when this happened.

I think employers are looking for people who will be honest even if it might hurt them in some sort of temporary way.