Balanced stones

Balanced Stones - Nesjerry @ Dreamstime Stock Photos

On June 4th, 2016 Renee and I took Quin and one of his buddies to Goderich beach. We had a blast. I saw this picture of the stones and it reminded me of this trip. I’ve never been at a beach with so many stones in my life but that is what they at the Goderich beach. It made it difficult to get to the water but once you made it you were really happy! I noticed almost right away that the stones were perfect for skipping. I found several stones that were round, thin and big enough to skip on the water. I did it a few times and my son wanted to learn. It was a delight to teach him. I’m not sure that his actually skipped but we had a blast as we fired out several stones. Lesson: Look around you long enough and you’ll see the blessings around you.